The evolution of listening to music from live music to mobile phone

Benefits of the A Cappella Evolution of Music

The a cappella evolution of music is great for several reasons. One of the main reasons why the acceptance is so wonderful is because now there is a much more importance given to lyrics. Having this as a music style gives the lyrics of the song the chance to stand out. These days, there are […]

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Top Tips on How to Effectively Enter the Music Industry

The music industry is growing and there are more people dying to be part of it. Any pop star could think about Taylor Swift and imagine being far better with more meaningful lyrics, but it isn’t as easy as stepping out and being noticed immediately – you have to work for it. Many don’t wish […]

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A Cappella Music: Then and Now

A cappella music, is music that is performed without accompaniment. It originated in Europe sometime during the late 15th century and was used in early Christian music. It is surmised that early a cappella music did have an instrument accompanying the songs, but there was no variation of the notes as the instrument just played […]

How to Find the Top 5 A Capella Performances

Once you’ve heard a great a capella performance, you’ll want to hear more. The best a capella groups can accomplish some incredible performances. You’ll want to repeatedly watch them perform then share their performances with others. Wondering where you can find the best a capella performances? Know where to look so you’ll watch them from […]

10 Of the Greatest Songs Intended for A Capella Singing

While a cappella music is traditionally associated with amateur groups singing popular tunes, music history has many finely-nuanced voice-only songs created entirely for singing without instrumental accompaniment. Here are 10 great songs for a capella performances. 1. “Viderunt Omnes” by Perotin Composed in France during the 12th century, this choral chant has these attributes: A […]

Interesting Facts about Music Groups and Entertainment

Introduction To join the entertainment industry, there are two ways you can achieve this goal. They are: Start off as a single artist. Launch a music group. Some music groups are a significant success in the entertainment industry and still maintain their Billboard Chart ranking. Considerable Time and Dedication To start a music group is […]

Playing in a Quartet: A Satisfying Outlet for Your Musical Skills

Listen to a good quartet to pass the time, but it’s enjoyable if you’re a member of such a group. Numerous quartet types out there are often looking for new members. Join a quartet if you are musically inclined. It’s a great way to hone your skills and even make some money. Barbershop Quartet Join […]

Who is Chris Brown?

Who is Chris Brown?

You may have heard the name “Chris Brown” popping up in the news a lot lately, and you may have wondered just exactly who this new person of interest is. Chris Brown is an exciting, talented, controversial and all around entertainer who won a Grammy for his R&B and dance performances. He has also done […]

The Hottest New Artists of Today

The Hottest New Artists of Today

Currently, there are so many different talented artists in the music industry. It seems as though all the different genres of music are evolving for the better. Whether it is Hip Hop or EDM, there are lots of up and coming artists that are really making a statement. If you would like to stay up […]