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The Hottest New Artists of Today

Currently, there are so many different talented artists in the music industry. It seems as though all the different genres of music are evolving for the better. Whether it is Hip Hop or EDM, there are lots of up and coming artists that are really making a statement. If you would like to stay up to date with some of the hottest artists at the moment, continue reading as we’re going to show you 7 of the most popular new artists right now.

Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q is one of the esteemed members of the LA hip hop group, TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) which is home to hip hop revolutionary, Kendrick Lamar. Schoolboy Q recently released his album ‘Oxymoron’ which was extremely successful commercially, moving over 100,000 copies in its first week of sales. Schoolboy Q has been praised for integrating extremely catchy trap beats with his unique flow. Schoolboy Q definitely has some great songs for anything from clubbing to chilling out at home. It’s highly recommended that you check out ‘Oxymoron’ as well as his past album ‘Habits and Contradictions’ which received much critical acclaim.

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is a group that has recently taken America by storm. If you didn’t know already, Fifth Harmony rose to fame due to their involvement in the X-Factor. They are currently signed to esteemed music mogul, Simon Cowell’s label. Fifth Harmony has done a great job creating some extremely catchy pop songs that are particularly enjoyed by teenage girls. Fifth Harmony recently got a big break by performing during the pre-show of the MTV VMA’s.

5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer is a pop punk band which has definitely caught the attention of lots of young girls and boys. 5 Seconds of Summer is a clever band which has utilized a boy band aesthetic while also performing music that isn’t completely pop oriented. 5 Seconds of Summer also have a very interesting story, as they are from Australia. How many Australian bands do you know that are as popular as 5 Seconds of Summer? Didn’t think so – and no, ACDC does not count. 5 Seconds of Summer are set to take over the world in the coming years, so you should really keep your eye on them.

Charli XCX

Almost everyone has heard of Charli XCX by now. Charli XCX is a female British singer that has been singing and writing songs for almost a decade now. Charli XCX has been praised for having a unique singing style. You can get a firm idea of Charli XCX’s talents as she became immensely popular over her singing of the hook in Iggy Azalea’s super hit ‘Fancy.’ The future of Charli XCX is certainly bright at the moment. Her recently-found fame has possibly laid down the path for ongoing fame for the young Charli XCX.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a very special duo which recently became extremely famous. The Chainsmokers are a duo which have been producing and DJing for the past few years. However, what made The Chainsmokers so immensely popular recently is their single ‘#Selfie.’ The extremely catchy song played on the current social zeitgeist of taking selfies and being overtly consumed by technology. Other than ‘#Selfie’ The Chainsmokers haven’t really done much, however, there is lots of hype surrounding any future releases that they might have in store for us.


Flume is an electronic artist that hails from Sydney, Australia. Flume has an amazing story, he was a young Australian private school student known for being extremely shy, to becoming one of the biggest electronic sensations of recent years. After releasing the ‘Flume EP,’ Flume immediately garnered lots of acclaim from the music community. In fact, Flume went from being a relative nobody in the music industry to being one of the acts in Coachella this year! You should definitely check out the addictive tracks Flume has created in the past year.

The Bleachers

When it comes to indie pop, The Bleachers are certainly killing the music game right now. The Bleachers were known for going and touring with another extremely popular band, which I’m sure you all know by the name of ‘Fun.’ After touring the New York band went ahead and decided that they wanted their own piece of the music industry pie. A few months ago, The Bleachers released their first studio album ‘Strange Desire.’ The album did absolutely great, reaching 11th on the US billboard charts, which is great for a band’s first album.

All of these artists definitely have some great potential for the future. These artists are the hottest in the music game right now, so if you haven’t heard of these artists, you should definitely go ahead and follow their music. The world of music is certainly looking really promising these days in light of recent years, and it’s all thanks to these artists!

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